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Starter is an advanced startup manager for Windows
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Starter is an advanced startup manager for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
This program allows you to view and manage all the programs that start automatically whenever operating system is loading.

Starter enumerates all the hidden registry entries, startup folders' items and some of the initialization files. The user can choose to temporarily disable selected entries, edit them, create new, or delete them permanently. This can be done for every user or just one user.

The "Processes" tab provides you with the possibility to view extended process' information (such as used DLLs, memory usage, thread count, priorities, module, handle, size and full path), and to terminate selected process (even a Windows NT service, if you have enough access rights). You will see a brief description of the highlighted item at the bottom of the window.

The "Services" tab lets you manage your service an drivers with some advanced features. It displays the services in groups, to ease the process of identifying them.

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